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"Goncharov" Is Not A Real Movie But Tumblr Built Lore Around It Anyway - BuzzFeed News The Tumblr Revival No One Asked For - Campus Times 6 Tumblr communities you may have forgotten about - Mashable Tumblr Post+: The legal issues around monetization and fan blogs. - Slate TUMBLR LAUNCHES FIRST EXCLUSIVE MONTHLY VIDEO SERIES, "ARTIST OF THE MONTH," THAT CONNECTS ARTISTS WITH FANS - PR Newswire Tumblr is at war with Apple over ‘mature’ content on its app again - TechCrunch We Logged Off Tumblr Years Ago, But The Trauma Lingers On - Refinery29 Why Book Blogs Still Matter In an Age of BookTok - Book Riot Tumblr Is Everything - The Atlantic Mass migration from Twitter is likely to be an uphill battle – just ask ex-Tumblr users - Salon Tumblr Introduces Paid Subscription Tool to Woo Younger Bloggers - The Wall Street Journal Toby Fox wrote a fanfic to explain why Undertale's Sans is the 'ultimate Tumblr sexyman' - PC Gamer What Tumblr Is Like, From Someone Who Never Left - The Mary Sue Internet Ad Spending Market Report 2020 Market Statistical Forecast, Trade Analysis 2022 –Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Twitter, BCC, Deutsche Telekom, IAC, Pinterest, Tumblr – Skegness Siren - Skegness Siren Was Caroline Ellison a Main Character or the Fall Girl? - New York Magazine You can tip creators on Tumblr now - Mashable Billionaire businessman Lo seeks to enter new F1 team in 2026 · RaceFans - RaceFans A lesson in social media longevity, from the fandom perspective - The Pitt News Tumblr Claims To Operate First Brand Safety Tool For Gifs With GumGum Partnership - The Drum Could "Euphoria" Cause a Tumblr Resurgence? - InsideHook Tumblr Makeup Trend For 2022 - POPSUGAR The Tumblr Effect: Its Aesthetic, Fashions, and Possible Comeback - Who What Wear Tumblr Blog Linked to Ex-Alameda CEO Explored Race Science, ‘Imperial Chinese Harem’ Polyamory - Decrypt Want to make money on Tumblr? There’s a tip jar for that. - Tubefilter The Re-Tumblr-ification of Music and Why Everyone is Here For It - The Reveille, LSU's student newspaper John Green Relives Infamous Tumblr Drama To Roast Elon Musk - We Got This Covered MySpace, Tumblr, Mastodon: Twitter Deserters Look For Their Next Home - Newsweek This Tumblr Thread Shows That Nothing Is Unimportant to Historians - Twisted Sifter Tumblr's banned words won't push creators away - Mashable Tumblr picks itself up again after years of struggle - Financial Times Tumblr is making a comeback - Quartz The Individualisation of Fashion, Part Two: Post-Recession Internet and Tumblr Aesthetics - greylockglass.com Tumblr Shares Its 2021 Year in Review - Adweek How WordPress and Tumblr are keeping the internet weird - The Verge Why Is Tumblr Upside Down? It's All Connected to 'Stranger Things' - Distractify A Wild Spy x Family Theory Suggests Loid's Operation Strix Mission Is Fake - CBR - Comic Book Resources The comeback of Tumblr: Everything you need to know - Media Update Must Read: The Rise Of The Fashion Tumblr Generation, How Businesses Can Manage Tiktok's Trend Cycle - Fashionista Tumblr Extends Tips to Blog Level - Adweek Is Tumblr rising again? - The Hustle The GIF Is on Its Deathbed - The Atlantic Tumblr for iOS updated with ‘sensitive content’ toggle to comply with App Store guidelines - 9to5Mac Pixalate's Mobile Ad Fraud Series: App 'Spoofing' could cost advertisers $38MM in 2022 on purported Google and Apple app store apps - Tumblr, MyFitnessPal among biggest victims in October 2022 - PR Newswire How Tumblr went from a $1 billion Yahoo payday to a $3 million fire sale - CNBC Top 3 Reasons To Ditch Twitter, And Join Tumblr - Analytics India Magazine How Tumblr taught young women to code - Mashable Tumblr Eating Disorder Culture Has Made It To TikTok - NYLON The 2014 Tumblr Girl Is Back - Vogue How Tumblr in 2012 set the tone for a decade of alt music - The Forty-Five Firing Gunshots To Keep Rent Down - Know Your Meme The Best 'Tumblr Girl' Trope Movies On Netflix - Collider Taylor Swift’s ‘Midnights’ Is the Final Horseman of the Tumblr-Era Revival - Rolling Stone Tumblr ‘girl picking up book’ meme explained as it resurfaces on TikTok - HITC - Football, Gaming, Movies, TV, Music Tumblr launches a tip jar feature to help bloggers make a buck - TechCrunch The unbearable lightness of BuzzFeed - The Verge Tumblr Gets the Last Laugh - The Atlantic The best Twitter alternatives - ZDNet What is Tumblr? Ryan Reynolds signs up in surprise to fans amid Twitter turmoil - Evening Standard Tumblr once sold for $1.1 billion. The owner of WordPress just bought the site for a fraction of that. - The Washington Post Tumblr Unveils Monthly Subscriptions for Ad-Free Browsing - Gizmodo Trouble in fandom paradise: Tumblr users lash out against its beta subscription feature - TechCrunch Twitter users plot revenge on Elon Musk by killing the platform - Mashable Tumblr Is Looking to Shake Off Its Underdog Status - Adweek Gen Z's hunger for 2010s nostalgia is giving Tumblr a new lease of life - TNW Tumblr Reveals Most Popular Genshin Impact Characters on Its Site - GameRant 5 Reasons Why You Should Ditch Instagram and Retreat to Tumblr - Study Breaks Tumblr Users Are Wary of People Coming From Twitter - The New York Times 'Goncharov' isn't a real Scorsese movie, but Tumblr convinced the internet it's a classic - NBC News How to Filter Content on Your Tumblr Dashboard - MUO - MakeUseOf Reigen Arataka and Sans squared off in Tumblr Sexyman poll for fans - Polygon A Tumblr Era Reborn: The Resurgence Of The Indie Aesthetic - Her Campus Everything Tumblr was obsessed with in 2022: ‘Stranger Things,’ cottagecore, BTS and more - In The Know Tumblr's enduring appeal reveals the potency of the web's cultural memory - The Conversation Gutenberg Editor Now In Testing On Tumblr and Day One Web Apps - WP Tavern #RIPTwitter? Tumblr has got the funniest reactions - GMA News Online Twittypet and TumblrClan - Know Your Meme Dracula Daily is Tumblr’s hottest new book club - Polygon Users are seriously unimpressed with the new Tumblr logo - Creative Bloq Can Tumblr "be a better Twitter"? - Boing Boing Best social media platforms to try out if Elon Musk’s Twitter shuts down from Mastodon to Hive - Evening Standard Halsey Declares TikTok’s ‘Teenage Dirtbag’ Trend ‘Over’ With Her ‘OG Tumblr Girlie’ Pics - Billboard The Rise of Fashion's Tumblr Generation - The Cut The rise and fall of Tumblr, a defining site of the early 2010s - Business Insider Tumblr to add support for ActivityPub, the social protocol powering Mastodon and other apps - TechCrunch Mastodon, Tumblr and Others See User Counts Explode After Twitter Exodus - Tech.co Embracing my identity through 2014 Tumblr music - Temple News The 'Only in Ohio' TikTok meme explained - indy100 A Brief History of Censorship on Tumblr - MUO - MakeUseOf Tumblr era returns a decade later - The Runner Online What the Return of 2014 Tumblr Means For Body Image - Teen Vogue Tumblr Restricts Access to More Sensitive Content Via Its iOS App - Adweek From Tumblr to TikTok, Brands and the Reinvention of Nostalgia - Muse by Clio Tumblr Fashion Makes a Comeback in 2022 — Indie Sleaze Trend - Cosmopolitan Tumblr will add support for ActivityPub, the social protocol for Mastodon and other apps - Mezha.Media Tumblr is trolling Twitter by selling ‘Important Blue Internet Checkmarks’ - Lifestyle Asia Hong Kong A Message from a Former 2014 Tumblr Girl - Her Campus How Tumblr Helps Youth Continue to Be Seen And Heard - JSTOR Daily Is The 2014 Tumblr Girl back? - Her Campus

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