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The following is a special story about nanjing massacre, which attracted a lot of discussion and attention from netizens in the United States on 26 26, 2022.

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Nanjing Massacre: What do people in Nanjing think about it? - CGTN Nanking massacre footage not for all Hong Kong pupils, Education Bureau says - South China Morning Post Update: Alleged Nanjing Massacre photos discovered in Minnesota pawn shop debunked - Yahoo News Japan’s erasure of WWII history education is causing problems: Japanese peace-promoting activist - Global Times Japan hotelier's Nanjing Massacre denial sparks tourism boycott calls - Reuters Descendants of Nanjing Massacre survivors granted to record historical truth - SHINE Nanjing Massacre docu-drama airs Wednesday on History Channel - China Daily Nanjing Massacre survivor passes away at 100 - Xinhua Fury over Japanese politician's Nanjing Massacre denial - CNN Another survivor of Nanjing Massacre passes away - Xinhua Shanghai COVID Lockdown Documented by Nanjing Media Student - The Nanjinger Unseen Nanjing Massacre photos discovered in World War II photo album - Business Insider The Guardian view on the Nanjing massacre: remembering war crimes - The Guardian Warning as to Hanging out Bedding during Nanjing Summer Heat - The Nanjinger NHK Governor: Nanjing Massacre 'Never Happened' – The Diplomat - The Diplomat Warning: Nanjing to Conduct Drills of Air Raid Siren System - The Nanjinger Nanjing tragedy – massacre or “incident”? - Modern Diplomacy History TikTok is up in arms after a pawn shop owner received over 31 million views on a TikTok video in which he claimed to have discovered rare photos of the Nanjing Massacre - Yahoo News Japanese politicians' worship of Yasukuni Shrine angers neighboring countries; reflects Tokyo's right-leaning tendency, more twisted historical view - Global Times Nanjing vows thorough investigation, zero tolerance amid outrage over discovery of Japanese war criminals’ memorial tablets in a local temple - Global Times China's U.N. envoy calls violence in Ukraine's Bucha 'deeply disturbing' - The Japan Times Racists Are Worried About the Historical Accuracy of Mermaids - Yahoo Entertainment Update: Teacher fired for wrong lecture on Nanjing Massacre amid public outrage - Global Times China remembers Nanjing massacre - The Guardian The Turning Tide in the Comfort Women Debate - JAPAN Forward Japan's tainted record of human rights leaves no room for sanctimony - Global Times Japan hotel won't remove books that deny Nanjing Massacre during Olympics - Reuters Feature: John Rabe, hero of Nanjing - Xinhua | English.news.cn - Xinhua New Report Questions Whether Herschel Walker Exaggerated Company Charitable Donations - Yahoo Entertainment A Nanjing Massacre survivor's story lives on digitally - Engadget Nanjing exhibition tells 'heartbreaking' stories of 'comfort women' - China Daily Chinese, Russian vessels join drills to uphold post-WWII global order - Global Times Why the West Would Rather Push the Fiction of 300,000 Massacred in Nanjing - JAPAN Forward Tokyo slams UNESCO in row over Nanjing massacre documents - CNN The Asian history I never learned in school - Chalkbeat New York China commemorates war against Japanese aggression - Xinhua Nanjing Massacre Victims: Why should we remember the history of suffering? - CGTN In remembrance - Global Times China boycotts Japan hotel chain APA over Nanjing Massacre denials - CNN How did Taxi Driver in Nanjing Save Teenage Girl from Suicide? - The Nanjinger Nanking Massacre: China marks 80th anniversary - USA TODAY Asia's bloody record of atrocity crimes – and its lessons - Asia Media Centre 04:00 Queues in Nanjing for Bubble Tea; Scalpers Demand ¥200! - The Nanjinger Remember the 300,000: Author of 'The Rape of Nanking' mourned with flowers in China - Global Times An American's perspective on Nanjing Massacre_英语频道_央视网(cctv.com) - CCTV John Magee: The missionary who documented the Nanjing massacre - CGTN Nanjinger Helps Revive Youthful Future for Calligraphy - The Nanjinger Lone video reveals tragedy of Nanjing Massacre - CGTN Blizzards & 7cm of Snow in Nanjing in Run up to Chinese New Year - The Nanjinger Global Political Calendar: China remembers Nanjing Massacre victims, HKSAR holds LegCo election - CGTN US works with Nazis to exploit Europe both in WWII and at present, now targets Ukraine - Global Times China urges Japan to face up to history on issue of 'comfort women' - CGTN Commemoration of the Nanjing Massacre victims observed at a dedicated museum in Beijing - Global Times Families mourn Nanjing Massacre victims on Tomb Sweeping Day - Xinhua | English.news.cn - 新华网 Feature: Japanese civil groups mark 83rd anniversary of Nanjing Massacre amid pandemic - Xinhua | English.news.cn - Xinhua How Shinzo Abe Sought to Rewrite Japanese History - The New Yorker Manifest Season 4 Trailer: Flight 828 Passengers Search for Answers Before Their Death Date - Yahoo Entertainment Student in Canada Protests Nanjing Massacre During Grad Ceremony - The Nanjinger Anti-Japanese war memorials mark Japan's WWII surrender - Xinhua How Does Historical Memory Impact China’s Relationship With Japan? - The Geopolitics Listen To EST Gee’s New Album ‘I Never Felt Nun’ - Yahoo Entertainment Three former Japanese prime ministers I received at the memorial hall of the Nanjing Massacre expressed wishes for peace and friendship: curator - Global Times Special Report: How the Nanjing Massacre became a political tool - Global Risk Insights Feature: Reading room commemorating Iris Chang opens at San Francisco WWII Pacific War Memorial Hall - Xinhua Nanjing Massacre Survivor Who Had The Most Epic Escape From Japanese Soldiers Dies at 94 - NextShark Don’t teach Nanking massacre to young pupils: ex-Hong Kong education chief - South China Morning Post The Nanjing Massacre: Scenes from a Hideous Slaughter 75 Years Ago | TIME.com - Time Magazine China marks 84th anniversary of Nanking massacre amid tension with Japan - South China Morning Post Cities cancel summer Matsuri amid controversial Japan-related incident - Global Times Teacher sent to psychiatric hospital in China's Hunan after backing massacre comments - Radio Free Asia Japan halts Unesco funding following Nanjing massacre row - The Guardian Spotlight: Haruki Murakami acknowledging Nanjing Massacre in new book rattles right wing, draws praise from scholars - Xinhua | English.news.cn - 新华网 Architecture in Nanjing Screams, “Why don’t You Just Finish it?” - The Nanjinger Survivors of Nanking massacre tell their stories - South China Morning Post The other side of Shinzo Abe: historical revisionism, denial of war crimes - INQUIRER.net Ceremony held to commemorate Nanjing Massacre survivors - Global Times Infamous Dismemberment Case in Nanjing Closer to being Solved? - The Nanjinger Nanjing Massacre will be recalled through video and book reading at Richmond Public Library - The Georgia Straight Oscar-Contending Documentary ‘Nothing Compares’ Reexamines Sinéad O’Connor, Singer Who “Booted The Door Down” And Paid The Price - Yahoo Entertainment Chinese society in Toronto mourns Nanjing Massacre victims(1/3) - ecns Pharoah Sanders, Legendary Jazz Saxophonist, Dies at 81 - Yahoo Entertainment Nanking Massacre - History Teacher Fired for Contesting Nanjing Massacre Death Toll in Class - Sixth Tone Why did China downplay the Nanjing Massacre? - Foreign Policy Nanjing massacre inspires global film-makers 70 years on - Reuters China marks 84th anniversary of Nanjing Massacre - 台北時報 The Download: long covid inequality, and connecting Native communities - MIT Technology Review Ed Sheeran Announces Pokémon-Themed Single ‘Celestial’… And Unveils a Squirtle Tattoo - Yahoo Entertainment Abe's Legacy Has More Painful Overtones in China - World Politics Review Never Again Should Mean Never Again - Jewish Journal World War [email protected]; Nanjing Remembers Marco Polo Bridge Incident - The Nanjinger Another survivor of Nanjing Massacre passes away - Chinadaily.com.cn - China Daily More Nanjing Massacre Miscreants Detained by Police - Sixth Tone The Nanking massacre: how Hong Kong partied at height of atrocities - Post Magazine Weekend Long Read: The Valiant, Tragic Tale of an American Missionary in Nanjing - Caixin Global UNESCO lists Nanjing Massacre, comfort women - CNN Victims of Nanjing Massacre relive their experience and call for peace - Global Times Japan, which committed 'one of the most representative fascist atrocities,' must reflect rather than seeking military rise through NATO, says former curator of the Nanjing Massacre Memorial Hall - Global Times UNESCO Accepts China's Nanjing Massacre Documents – The Diplomat - The Diplomat Chinese woman arrested for honoring Nanjing Massacre war criminals at Buddhist temple in Nanjing - Yahoo News

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