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The following is a special story about musk, which attracted a lot of discussion and attention from netizens in the United States on 13 13, 2022.

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Elon Musk Sounds the Alarm on Russia-Ukraine War - TheStreet Elon Musk had a bad week - CNBC Elon Musk's midas touch draws new investors to Twitter - The Washington Post Elon Musk Doesn't Want To Build His Own Airport Outside Austin [UPDATE] - InsideEVs Tesla's big battery started with an Elon Musk Twitter exchange – but behind the scenes, it wasn't that simple - ABC News Elon Musk's Antics Turn Owners and Would-Be Buyers Against Tesla - Bloomberg 'Take that, Elon Musk': Ford's CEO takes a swipe at EV rival while announcing solar investment - The Verge Elon Musk Sells $7 Billion in Tesla Stock for Twitter Deal - The New York Times Elon Musk Is OK Going To Hell: But Does He Believe in God? - Benzinga ‘This will be Mars one day,’ Elon Musk shares photo of spacecraft launch | Mint - Mint Tosca Musk on her big brother Elon’s advice - Sydney Morning Herald New Twitter Policy Proves Need For Elon Musk Purchase Before Midterms - OutKick Why Tesla investors may need to worry about Elon Musk's Twitter distraction - CNN Elon Musk Delivers Good News on Inflation - TheStreet Elon Musk proves once again that the rules don't apply to him - CNN Musk says Tesla can lower car prices if inflation 'calms down' - CNBC What Is Elon Musk? - New York Magazine Elon Musk's Twitter chaos is consuming SpaceX too - The Verge Cannabis Week: Michigan Sales Record; CEO Pay Surges; Musk Weighs in - TheStreet Neuralink co-founder departs Musk-backed startup - Reuters Elon Musk notifies Twitter he is terminating deal - CNBC Does Elon Musk Have a Strategy? - HBR.org Daily Tesla subpoenaed over Elon Musk's tweets ... again - CNN Elon Musk's tweets about taking Tesla private were false, new court filing says - CNBC Opinion: The SEC alone can't police billionaire CEOs like Elon Musk - CNN Musk facing Starlink horror as Putin’s space weapon sparks SpaceX collision panic - Express Elon Musk says he lives in a $45,000 house: "It's very small" - CBS News Twitter to hold vote on Musk merger on Sept. 13 - CNBC Elon Musk Reveals The Cryptocurrency He’s ‘Mainly’ Supporting After Tesla Dumped Bitcoin Amid Crypto Price Crash - Forbes Twitter has set a date for its shareholders to vote on Elon Musk acquisition - CNN Elon Musk thumbs his nose at the SEC again with Twitter stake - CNBC The messy world of Elon Musk - CNN Elon Musk is at risk of losing top Tesla lieutenant over suspicious order of ‘special glass’ - Electrek Everyday homebuyers join Elon Musk in buying up neighborhoods so investors don't move in - Business Insider Elon Musk's Flawed Vision and the Dangers of Trusting Billionaires - TIME Did Musk Propose Hyperloop to Stop California High-Speed Rail? - Jalopnik Elon Musk offers to buy Twitter - CNN Elon Musk blasts Wikipedia after it suspends edits of 'recession' page - New York Post Elon Musk predicts mild 18-month recession, teases possible share buybacks - CNBC A Close Read of Elon Musk's Twitter Feed - New York Magazine Elon Musk asks judge to start Twitter trial on Oct. 17 - Reuters Shirtless Elon Musk vacations in Mykonos on luxury yacht - Page Six Elon Musk is hitting 'peak hubris' with his high-risk Twitter and bitcoin plays. Tesla shareholders should be concerned. - MarketWatch What happens next in the Twitter lawsuit against Elon Musk - The Washington Post Musk's Starlink Tied to Traffic Chaos in Orbit and on Earth - Walter Bradley Center for Natural and Artificial Intelligence ‘Don’t really like…’: What Elon Musk said when his father Errol Musk fat-shamed him | Mint - Mint Europe asks Musk: can we use SpaceX rockets? - Yahoo Sports California Tech Mogul Slams Dogecoin as One of Elon Musk's Scams - U.Today Here's the Brutal Truth About Elon Musk and Twitter That Nobody Wants to Admit - Inc. Report says SpaceX paid woman over Musk sex misconduct claim – he denies 'wild accusations' - CNBC Fake Elon Musk TeslaCoin investment scam costs victims at least $250 - Security Boulevard Mattel inks deal with Elon Musk's SpaceX to produce line of toys - CNBC Elon Musk said his taxes are audited every year 'by default' — after posting a debunked Republican claim that the IRS is hiring 87,000 new agents - Yahoo News Elon Musk now says Tesla could start Cybertruck deliveries in mid-2023 - The Verge Amber Heards ‘incrementing insight into Elon Musk leaked: Source - Geo News Elon Musk calls Tesla electric car factories 'gigantic money furnaces' - The Washington Post Judge orders October trial for lawsuit between Elon Musk and Twitter - CNN Elon Musk says it's 'dumb' to call billionaires the bad guys - CNN Meta's AI chatbot is an Elon Musk fanboy and won't stop talking about K-pop - Mashable Elon Musk, the Twitter deal and his quest to save 'all life on Earth' - The Washington Post Elon Musk says we should see Steam running on Teslas soon - The Verge Elon Musk isn't the first to walk away from a deal. Here's how similar cases have ended. - USA TODAY Elon Musk's Biggest Boondoggle - New York Magazine Tesla owners love their cars. Elon Musk? Not as much. - The Washington Post Elon Musk says he has Covid - CNN Elon Musk discloses that Tesla owns Dogecoin, but how much does it have? - TechCrunch How Elon Musk Winged It With Twitter, and Everything Else - The New York Times Elon Musk's antics may finally be catching up to him - CNN Elon Musk Calls All His Multibillionaire Friends to Help Him Buy Twitter - Vanity Fair Elon Musk's empire expands to include Twitter - The Washington Post Twitter says 'uncertainty' with Elon Musk is hurting its business - CNN Opinion | Elon Musk and Donald Trump feud on Twitter — because they're the same - The Washington Post Elon Musk countersues Twitter over merger, but details aren't yet public - CNBC Elon Musk's 'Sex Tape' Joke Sparks Hilarious Memes - Newsweek Elon Musk says 3 issues need to be resolved before his Twitter buyout can go ahead - CNBC Elon Musk Shakes Up U.S.-Russia Talks Over Brittney Griner - TheStreet Elon Musk, an erratic visionary, revels in contradiction - The Associated Press - en Español Judge rejects Elon Musk's bid to end SEC tweet settlement - POLITICO Elon Musk has taken even shorter flights than Kylie Jenner's 17-minute trip, says jet-tracking teen - CNBC Inflation cools, new electric car tax credits explained, and Elon Musk's promises - CNN Elon Musk faced SEC questions over his timing in disclosing Twitter stake - CNN Musk's "Longtermism" Philosophy & How It Drives Space Exploration - Screen Rant Elon Musk has become the internet’s chief agent of chaos - The Washington Post How Elon Musk's attempt to drag out the Twitter trial could backfire - The Verge Elon Musk reportedly had twins with a Neuralink executive - CNN Elon Musk to Address Twitter Staff For First Time Since Deal - Bloomberg Elon Musk threatens to walk away from Twitter deal - CNN Elon Musk's politics trigger strong reactions from Tesla customers - CNN Dow Jones Pops On Inflation Data; Tesla Gains As Elon Musk Makes This Promise; Coinbase Up As Bitcoin Rallies - Investor's Business Daily Europe eyes Musk's SpaceX to replace Russian rockets - CNBC Elon Musk has $80m to fund a carbon removal startup. Here's what he's after - Sifted The SEC has asked Elon Musk more questions about his Twitter deal - CNN Short Sellers on the Agonies of Betting Against Elon Musk - New York Magazine Tesla needs nickel to dominate the car industry. It just signed a $5 billion deal with the metal’s largest source - Fortune How Elon Musk wields his influence in Sacramento - POLITICO Musk Promises Mid-2023 Launch of Cybertruck - Ward's Auto Elon Musk Once Said 'Mars Needs People' After Mark Cuban Asked How Many Kids He Wants, Cuban Recalls - PEOPLE

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