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The following is a special story about midterms, which attracted a lot of discussion and attention from netizens in the United States on 29 29, 2022.


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Biden says midterm vote was a 'good day for democracy' and notes the 'red wave' didn't happen - CNN The ahead road for Republicans after the 2022 midterms - NPR The Democrats’ midterms performance shows how Trump – and his imitators – can be beaten - The Guardian Lawsuits likely after handful of counties refuse to certify midterm results - POLITICO Control of U.S. Senate, House still unknown with key midterm races too close to call - CNBC Incumbents Dunleavy, Murkowski, Peltola hold in 2022 midterms - Alaska's News Source Donald Trump claims he's "not at all angry" about midterms results - Axios Major Themes of the Midterms - FactCheck.org The Youthful (and Hopeful) Glow of the Midterm Elections | Opinion - Harvard Crimson How Joe Biden and the Democratic Party defied midterm history - CNN ‘You did it!’: Biden basks in midterms afterglow after beating expectations - The Guardian US Diverse Field of Candidates Makes Historic Wins in Midterm Elections - The New York Times Federal and state spending on 2022 elections set to top $16.7 billion, making them the most expensive midterms ever - CNBC The Midterms Lesson Republicans Refuse to Learn - The Atlantic Midterms Free of Feared Chaos as Voting Experts Look to 2024 - Voice of America - VOA News Candidates and political action committees spent nearly $17 billion on midterms - NPR Analysis | Democrats in Array? It's Hard to Deny After the Midterms - The Washington Post Confidence, Anxiety and a Scramble for Votes Two Days Before the Midterms - The New York Times Election canvassing board certifies Michigan 2022 midterms in contentious meeting - FOX 2 Detroit Rural voters are a 2024 target for Democrats and Republicans - NPR Dems won the midterms on Roe. Congress is another story. - POLITICO A Basic Guide to the US Midterm Elections - The New York Times Republicans and Democrats make last arguments as midterms loom - The Guardian US Midterm exit polls show that young voters drove Democratic resistance to the ‘red wave’ - Brookings Institution Why Did These Big Businesses Donate To Insurrectionists In the Midterms? - Free Speech TV Democracy Wins the 2022 Midterms - brennancenter.org US midterms: Democracy under threat as key elections loom - Biden - BBC Deconstructed: The Data Guy Who Got the Midterms Right - The Intercept Taiwan's President billed midterms as all about China. Now she's resigning as party chief - CNN Midterms and the 'other women's issues' - POLITICO - POLITICO Voters Concerned About Election Integrity in US Midterms - Voice of America - VOA News Record number of Muslims elected in US midterms: ‘We should lean into who we are’ - The Guardian US The IRS Will Need These 4 Things to Succeed After the Midterms - GovExec.com Few Midterm Voters Backed Different Parties For Senate And Governor - FiveThirtyEight Examining the impact of former President Trump on the Midterms - NPR Poll: Federal Employees Slightly Prefer Democrats in Upcoming Midterms - GovExec.com How 2020 election deniers did in their 2022 midterm races - CNN Why misinformation didn't wreck the midterms - Axios Why the mainstream news media got its midterms election coverage so wrong - Salon The 2022 Midterms: A turning point for the Democratic and Republican parties in Congress | USAPP - LSE Suburban Women, No Longer ‘Soccer Moms,’ Hold Key to Midterms - The New York Times “The Country Is Teetering”: What the Midterms Could Mean for America - Vanity Fair OPINION: Why the 'red wave' never materialized in the 2022 midterms - Daily Nebraskan Takeaways from the 2022 midterms: a relief, surprise | Stanford News - Stanford University News McCarthy Seeks Support to Become Speaker as Republicans Feud Over Midterms - The New York Times Post-US midterms: Biden’s focus on fighting gridlock - Observer Research Foundation 2022 Midterms: What we know so far - Axios Lessons of the Midterms - The American Prospect COMMENTARY: GOP won in midterms 
 really! - Jefferson City News Tribune Karl Rove on the midterms: ‘Trump looms over this. No ifs or buts’ - The Guardian US The seven people with most at stake in the midterms - The Hill Historically, first midterms are cold showers for presidents - NPR 5 takeaways from the 2022 midterm elections - NPR ‘It’s time to move on’: have the US midterms finally loosened Trump’s grip on the Republican party? - The Guardian US Takeaways from the 2022 midterm elections: Battle for control of the House and Senate still up in the air - CNN Crime coverage on Fox News halved once US midterms were over - The Guardian The impact of redistricting and new congressional maps on the midterms - NPR Rep. Clyburn: "Democracy will be ending" if Dems lose the midterms - Axios Economic discontent fuels GOP hopes as midterms draw to a close: POLL - ABC News Republicans appear better positioned than ever ahead of midterms - The Guardian US What the Midterms Mean for Philadelphia's Mayoral Candidates - Philadelphia magazine Meet the history-makers of the 2022 midterm elections - CNN America's frozen midterms - Axios Money for Nothing? Marijuana and the Midterms | Bradley Arant Boult Cummings LLP - JDSupra - JD Supra Right-wing midterms coverage on Rumble proliferated across Facebook - Media Matters for America To Cover the Midterms, It’s All Hands on Deck - The New York Times Democrats have 'nothing to celebrate' after midterms, says Dem strategist: 'Everybody failed the voters' - Fox News New state voter fraud units finding few cases from midterms - Los Angeles Times What Can The 2022 Midterms Tell Us About 2024? - FiveThirtyEight The 2022 Midterms have set up for a Republican showdown in 2024 - The Michigan Daily What the midterms mean for Donald Trump's brand - NPR Young voters hailed as key to Democratic successes in midterms - The Guardian US US midterms: Why a Republican 'wave' never happened - BBC Midterms test U.S. democracy, 2 years after Trump tried to overturn election - The Washington Post What the midterm results mean for Biden's Asia trip and Xi meeting - NPR Elections 2022: The educational divide that helps explain the midterms - POLITICO White House preps for potential post-midterms staff turnover - The Hill Mass. voter turnout dipped in midterms, but beat official expectations - MassLive.com How the midterms could affect Wall Street - CNN Dartmouth Experts Break Down Midterm Elections - Dartmouth News Deconstructed Podcast: AOC and Mo Mitchell on the Midterms - The Intercept US midterms: What does Trump want from the elections? - BBC Last minute messaging for the midterms - Brookings Institution Fact check: Biden's midterms message includes false and misleading claims - CNN The winner of the midterms is not yet clear – but the loser is Donald Trump - The Guardian US Abortion was a major issue in the 2022 midterm elections - NPR Midterms: banking and capital markets regulation to stay the course - International Financial Law Review How redistricting shaped the midterms - POLITICO - POLITICO Comic: What the midterms could mean for Congress - The Washington Post First Gen Z member elected as midterms could usher in a more diverse Congress - The Guardian US Why the US midterms matter – from abortion rights to democracy - The Guardian US Opinion: 2022 Midterms prove Kentucky values right to abortion access - Louisville Cardinal Online Climate Change Should Have Dominated the Midterms. It Didn’t. - The Nation Live updates: Nov. 7, 2022 US midterms coverage - CNN RNC commissions 'review' of party tactics after disappointing midterm - POLITICO How the 2022 Midterms Became a Squeaker - The New York Times Republicans' Election Denier Caucus Got Bigger in the Midterms - Vanity Fair How “Education Freedom” Played in the Midterms - The New Yorker After the midterms, the New Right is debating Trump vs. DeSantis, culture wars, and democracy itself - Vox.com Photos: The road to the 2022 midterms - CNN

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