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Russia kills civilians in first huge missile wave for weeks - Reuters Russian mercenary leader complains of critical ammunition shortage in battle of Bakhmut - CBC.ca Wagner mercenaries boss reveals recruitment drive due to Bakhmut - Al Jazeera English Heavy casualties reported in Bakhmut as battle for city rages - Al Jazeera English What a sniper saw fighting Russian soldiers in key city - CNN Video shows Russia Su-24 bomber downed near Bakhmut, Ukraine says - Business Insider If Bakhmut Falls: What The Battle For A City Of Little Military Significance Means For The Ukraine War - Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty Photos: Ukraine holds Bakhmut as Russia attacks relentlessly - Al Jazeera English Belarus Blames Ukraine for Attack on Russian Spy Plane - The New York Times Explainer: Bakhmut: Why Russia and Ukraine are battling so hard for one small city - Reuters Ukrainian and Russian losses mount in fierce battle for Bakhmut - Al Jazeera English Ukraine updates: Kyiv adamant about defense of Bakhmut - DW (English) Ukraine planning big attack to cut off Wagner forces, mercenary chief warns - South China Morning Post Ukraine war - live updates: Putin's agreement with Xi 'notably lopsided' - as 'momentum turns' in Bakhmut - Sky News Bakhmut: Quentin Sommerville near the frontline in Bakhmut - BBC Bakhmut a Russian failure: Ukrainian officials, int'l analysts, Russians themselves - TVP World Russian advance stalls in Ukraine's Bakhmut, think tank says - POLITICO Ukraine updates: EU agrees to start joint arms procurement - DW (English) Defending Ukraine's 'highway of life' — the last road out of Bakhmut - The Washington Post We will strike an exhausted Russian army in Bakhmut: Ukrainian expert - TVP World Russia's assault on Bakhmut is losing the limited momentum it had, says UK intel, complicating its best chance at a symbolic victory - Yahoo Canada Finance Why a Ukrainian soldier says fighting in Bakhmut is 'horrible, but necessary' - CBC.ca Battle for Bakhmut grinds down Wagner's mercenaries and cuts their notorious leader down to size - CNN Ukraine war: Russia's Wagner boss suggests 'betrayal' in Bakhmut battle - BBC Top U.S. spies warn Russia is boosting nuclear capabilities; Moscow unleashes barrage of missiles - CNBC Ukraine says Bakhmut battle is grinding down Russia's best units - Reuters Ukrainian and Russian casualties mount as battle for central Bakhmut rages - The Guardian Ukraine is building up its forces for an offensive - The Economist Ukrainian president makes surprise visit to Bakhmut - Anadolu Agency Ukraine vows to hold on to Bakhmut despite Russian onslaught - The Associated Press Ukraine to continue fight for Bakhmut as Russian troops struggle to make gains - Euronews Russia-Ukraine war: Xi to visit Russia as early as next week; Moscow says it could agree to shorter Black Sea grain deal – as it happened - The Guardian Bakhmut: Fighting in the street but Russia not in control - deputy mayor - BBC Russia-Ukraine updates: Hundreds killed in battle for Bakhmut - Al Jazeera English Russia takes east Bakhmut as Ukraine builds up forces - Al Jazeera English Unarmed Russian soldiers run into Ukrainian fire for the sole purpose of digging trenches or carrying ammunition ... - msnNOW 'Nonstop shelling': Former US Marine in Bakhmut, Ukraine, says fighting is 'chaotic' - ABC News Zelenskyy has no choice but to ask his fighters to hold Bakhmut — for now - POLITICO Europe Ukraine war: Bakhmut defenders double down - Zelensky - BBC To Keep Open Its Supply Line Into Bakhmut, The Ukrainian Army Rolled In One Of Its Armored Bridgelayers - Forbes Russia-Ukraine war: List of key events, day 389 - Al Jazeera English Russia's War in Ukraine Latest News Updates: March 22, 2023 - Bloomberg Defense ministry on Bakhmut: Ukraine successful in 'certain areas,' Russia makes advances - Yahoo News Canada Battle For Bakhmut Rages On As Russia's Wagner Claims More Territory - Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty Ukraine War: Wagner Chief Says Forces Control 70% of Bakhmut - The Moscow Times Russia-Ukraine war: List of key events, day 391 - Al Jazeera English Ukrainian forces still trying to hold Bakhmut despite heavy casualties - The Guardian Ukraine war: Why Bakhmut matters for Russia and Ukraine - BBC Zelenskiy visits troops near frontline city of Bakhmut - Reuters Live: Zelensky visits east Ukraine near Bakhmut despite intense fighting - FRANCE 24 English As The Battle For Bakhmut Winds Down, The Russians Haven't Won—And The Ukrainians Haven't Lost - Forbes Russia Is Closing In on Bakhmut, but Casualties Are High - The New York Times Up to 30,000 Russian casualties claimed in Bakhmut - BBC Russian advance stalls in Ukraine's Bakhmut, think tank says - The Associated Press Bloodshed in Bakhmut: Russia Suffers Potentially Deadliest Day Yet in Ukraine - The Daily Beast Ukrainian Troops Tap Their Best Firepower To Kill Russians On Bakhmut's Vulnerable Flanks - Forbes ‘If we get out of here it will be a miracle:’ a family at war in the hell of Bakhmut - The Guardian Ukraine Claims Bakhmut Battle Is Wagner’s ‘Last Stand’ - The New York Times Russian forces claim progress in Bakhmut but no end in sight - The Associated Press Satellite images show widespread destruction after heavy fighting in Bakhmut - The New York Times Ukraine updates: US says Russia unlikely to make gains in 2023 - Al Jazeera English Future of Ukraine depends on eastern battlefields: Zelenskyy - Al Jazeera English Ukraine war live updates: Latest news on Russia and the war in Ukraine - CNBC Ukraine says eastern town of Avdiivka could become 'second Bakhmut' - Yahoo News Canada Ukrainians are riding tanks captured from an elite Russian unit into battle in Bakhmut, but their new gear may not last long - Yahoo Canada Russia-Ukraine war at a glance: what we know on day 392 of the invasion - The Guardian Wagner mercenary chief demands more ammunition for Bakhmut battle - Al Jazeera English Russia-Ukraine war live: Bakhmut ‘killing zone’ hampering Wagner – as it happened - The Guardian Zelenskyy digs in against calls to quit Bakhmut - POLITICO Europe Zelenskyy visits east Ukraine, near frontline city of Bakhmut - Al Arabiya English Ukraine – UK talks of a realistic possibility that Russia's offensive in Bakhmut is losing momentum - msnNOW Latest Ukraine updates: Russia eyes ’60-day’ grain deal extension - Al Jazeera English Ukraine says eastern town of Avdiivka could become 'second Bakhmut' - The Globe and Mail Ukrainian soldiers in desperate need of Western weapons as they defend Bakhmut - Sky News Bakhmut battle allowing Ukraine to target key Russian forces, Zelenskyy aide says - CBC.ca Zelensky visits Ukraine army positions near Bakhmut - RFI English Military briefing: Ukraine's battle of diminishing returns for Bakhmut - Financial Times Bakhmut: Russian casualties mount but tactics evolve - BBC Ukraine latest: Numerous Bakhmut attacks still being repelled, says Kyiv - BBC Ukrainian soldiers wonder if Russians moving on Bakhmut are on drugs - Insider Ukraine War: Zelensky Visits Soldiers Near Frontlines in Bakhmut - The Moscow Times Ukraine says Bakhmut battle grinding down Russia’s best units - Al Jazeera English Bakhmut: Why the city matters to Ukraine and Russia - Vox.com Russian mercenary boss publishes video showing fighters inside Ukraine's Bakhmut - Reuters Wagner advance in Bakhmut as Russian offensive appears to weaken - Al Jazeera English UK: Russian advance in Bakhmut could come with heavy losses - The Associated Press Ukraine’s Top Generals Want to Keep Fighting for Bakhmut - The New York Times Russia-Ukraine war: List of key events, day 388 - Al Jazeera English Zelensky visits Ukraine army positions near Bakhmut - Yahoo News Battles Flare Around Bakhmut, But Western Think Tank Says Russia's Drive May Be Stalling - Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty Russia casualties x5 as high as Ukraine in Bakhmut: NATO official - Business Insider Russian assault on Bakhmut losing limited momentum - UK intelligence - Ukrinform Ukraine Burns Through Ammunition in Bakhmut, Putting Future Fights at Risk - The New York Times Latest updates: Inquiry accuses Russia of war crimes in Ukraine - Al Jazeera English Russia Lacks Firepower to Keep Advancing, U.S. Intelligence Chief Says - The New York Times How to Think About Bakhmut and a Ukrainian Spring Offensive - War On The Rocks Ukraine war: Zelensky visits front line near Bakhmut as Russia targets cities - BBC How the Battle for Bakhmut Has Exposed Russia’s Fault Lines - The Moscow Times Ukraine is betting big on a bloody battle for a ruined town, but the gamble could break its ability to drive Russia back - Yahoo News Canada Russia's war on Ukraine latest: Putin faces arrest warrant on war crime charge - Reuters

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