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๐Ÿ”ฅHot Topics Today: ๊ฐ„ํ˜ธ๋ฒ•

๐Ÿ”ฅHot Topics Today: ๊ฐ„ํ˜ธ๋ฒ•


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The following is a special story about ๊ฐ„ํ˜ธ๋ฒ•, which attracted a lot of discussion and attention from netizens in the United States on 29 29, 2023.


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Macron's solution for Ukraine situation is criticized for being irrational - ๋™์•„์ผ๋ณด North Korea's Kim Jong Nam Sends E-mail to Japanese Reporters - ๋™์•„์ผ๋ณด Super typhoon Hinnamnor expected to land Busan on Tuesday - ๋™์•„์ผ๋ณด Rookie actor Tang Joon-sang steals the limelight - ๋™์•„์ผ๋ณด Hyundai Motor aims to return to Japanese market in 2022 - ๋™์•„์ผ๋ณด Tiger Woods says his No.1 goal now is to walk on his own - ๋™์•„์ผ๋ณด Son Heung-min named 'player of the season' by Eurosport - ๋™์•„์ผ๋ณด The portrait of a graceful horse | The DONG-A ILBO - ๋™์•„์ผ๋ณด Kim Yo Jong expected to lead negotiations with S. Korea and US - ๋™์•„์ผ๋ณด New Cardinal Lazarus You Heung-sik officially appointed - ๋™์•„์ผ๋ณด Hyundai Motor unveils spaceship-inspired Staria minivan | The ... - ๋™์•„์ผ๋ณด 'The North Star Buddhist' returns to Songgwang Temple from U.K. - ๋™์•„์ผ๋ณด Doctors, nursing assistants go on second partial strike to protest ... - YouTube Opposition-controlled Nat'l Assembly passes contentious Nursing ... - YouTube Comedy Big League celebrates 10th anniversary | The DONG-A ILBO - ๋™์•„์ผ๋ณด New report shows the decline of monthly users of Facebook in Korea - ๋™์•„์ผ๋ณด Ryuichi Sakamoto releases album amid battle with cancer - ๋™์•„์ผ๋ณด Hyundai Motor unveils electric double-decker bus | The DONG-A ILBO - ๋™์•„์ผ๋ณด Kim Hyo-joo looks for her second straight victory in Thailand - ๋™์•„์ผ๋ณด Paul G. Allen's art collection fetched over $1.5 billion - ๋™์•„์ผ๋ณด Mr. Trump awarded Taekwondo ninth Dan Black belt - ๋™์•„์ผ๋ณด Harari includes AI text written in Sapiens' special edition - ๋™์•„์ผ๋ณด Ocean 3 | The DONG-A ILBO - ๋™์•„์ผ๋ณด

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